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Diabetes Mellitus is hunger in the midst of plenty.  In a normal individual insulin attaches to sugar in the blood vessels and transports it out to the cells of our body.  In Diabetes insulin production is deficient or the insulin is inactive.  In this situation the sugar accumulates inside the blood vessels and not allowing sufficient enough sugar to get to the cells in out body.  The cells in turn will sends signals to the brain making the person eat. (Polyphagia)  When the person eats his blood sugar goes higher.  The kidneys in turn try to reduce the sugar in the blood vessels by removing it when it passes the kidney.   The sugar then pulls water with it causing the person to urinate frequently ( polyuria).  And when one urinates a lot his volume of water decrease in his body causing thirst.  (polydipsia).  

Theodore Gerard A Caspe MD Family Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine Physician