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Theodore Gerard A. Caspe, MD -  - Family Practice Physician

Theodore Gerard A. Caspe, MD

Family Practice Physician & Aesthetic Medicine located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

What is KERALASE™ in Office Therapy?

Your skin is naturally designed to keep things out. Your doctor will first use the Lutronic LaseMD® to optimize the absorption properties of your scalp.
The unique LaseMD laser delivery system has been proven to prepare the skin for increased absorption of nanoliposomes.*
After the scalp is pre-conditioned with the LaseMD laser, KeraFactor® serum is topically applied to promote stronger, thicker and fuller-looking hair in both men and women. 

What is KERAFACTOR Tropical Serum?

KeraFactor serum:
— Is a proprietary formulation, only available through your doctor
— Targets known deficiencies and problems which can cause poor scalp health
— Contains five bio-identical growth factors and two skin proteins, each:

• Chosen to improve thinning hair
• Developed in high concentrations not available from other sources
• Delivered in a nanoliposome carrier for increased absorption.

How much time does KERALASE take?

— Comfortable (no injections) and fast (less than 10 minutes)
— No downtime – immediately return to normal activities
— Three-month treatment program is typical 
— Ask your doctor for options.
— Hair improvement continues over the following 12-18 months**


 *Individual results may vary

Skin Therapy

 *Individual results may vary


*Individual results may vary


*Individual results may vary


*Individual results may vary