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Blood Work Specialist

Theodore Gerard A. Caspe, MD -  - Family Practice Physician

Theodore Gerard A. Caspe, MD

Family Practice Physician & Aesthetic Medicine located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Going to the doctor can be inconvenient enough without having to drive across town to get your lab work done. That’s why Theodore Gerard A. Caspe, MD, offers in-house lab work at his Rancho Cucamonga, California, clinic. The staff draws your blood and sends it out to a lab for evaluation. They can detect many disorders and diseases just by investigating a small sample. If you need to schedule routine blood work, call or book an appointment online with Dr. Caspe.

Blood Work

Why would someone need blood work?

Dr. Caspe often orders blood work during routine physicals to check for certain markers of disease or deficiency. He may also order blood tests if he suspects a certain ailment or wants to monitor the condition of your heart.

Blood work helps Dr. Caspe:

  • See how your organs (kidneys, liver, thyroid, and heart) are functioning
  • Check for risk factors of heart disease
  • Test for cancer, HIV, and other diseases
  • Screen for diabetes
  • Monitor electrolyte levels
  • Confirm pregnancy
  • Screen for STDs

Blood tests don’t always confirm or disprove the presence of a disease. The markers in your blood are used in conjunction with examinations and other indications of disease to confirm diagnoses.

I had blood work during my physical. What are they looking for?

The lab at Dr. Caspe’s clinic often performs a complete blood count (CBC) to check for blood disorders. A CBC can test for:

  • Anemia
  • Infection
  • Diabetes
  • Clotting problems
  • Immune system disorders
  • Blood cancer

Depending on your health history, Dr. Caspe may also order a lipoprotein panel to check your cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

What happens during a blood draw?

Most of the time you don’t have to prepare for a blood draw, but Dr. Caspe will give you any instructions beforehand if you do; for certain tests, you need to fast or stay off certain medications before your blood draw.

When it’s time to draw your blood, one of the staff members has you sit comfortably in an exam chair. They put on gloves and feel inside the crook of your arm for veins. Once the lab tech locates a viable vein, they prepare for the blood draw by sterilizing your arm, wrapping your arm in a rubber band, and arranging the necessary needles and vials.

Next, they have you relax as they insert the needle into your vein. You might feel a slight prick. The lab tech draws the blood into the vial until it’s full. Then, they remove the needle, label the vial, and dress your injection site with a sterile bandage.

If you need to schedule blood work, call or book an appointment online today.